We help Organizations and Individuals to get the best out of data using Office 365 & Power Platform Tools

Training Services


For Organizations

We can deliver session exclusively for selected employees of your organization. The focus will be on your organization’s needs in handling the data using Office 365 or Power BI


For a group of learners

We deliver sessions as “Public Workshops” in which any interested learner can participate. The focus will be on “General” concepts of handling data and creating reports.


For Individuals

We can deliver sessions for individuals on their specific requirements upon hearing from them.


Customized Sessions

For organizations where complete focus should be on their data and their specific reports, we can provide a customized training session

Information on one of our sessions
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Consulting Services

Give us your data (or sanitized data) and tell us what you want! Be it a simple report, a complex dashboard which should dynamically change with new datasets, we will create and hand-it over to you.

With one proper source of raw data you can create many meaningful reports “in no time” through little automation.

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  • We will help you with right methods to capture your data, ensure that only validated data gets into the system.
  • Like you, we also hate to retype the data again and again in different files. We just need one data ONCE and there after it should be fetched from the master file.
  • We will suggest possible automation in creating reports and dashboards with dynamic data.
  • We will suggest ways for easy collaboration under Office 365 to improve efficiency and save time.
  • We will provide periodic reviews for improvements in data capture methods, data consolidation tasks and report creation and sharing of reports.

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Delivering sessions for more than 100 corporate companies / SMEs in India.

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Our feedback scores are always greater than 4.5 in a 5 point scale rating


It’s so fast that we have moved to our 20th year of training delivery

About Us

We are a team of passionate trainers on Office 365 & Power Platform Subjects.

We ensure that all our participants are elevated from their current skills levels to the next higher level after every training.



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